Outdoor Fun Activity: A Camping Story

Can You Help Us Finish Our Campfire Story?

At RuggedOutdoors, we love to spend the weekend camping with friends and family. At night, when everyone sits around the campfire, it is tradition to tell a story or two while making s'mores. Below you'll read the beginning of a famous campfire story, but the end has been lost! We need your help to complete the story...

Read the story below, and then write your own ending!
Use your creativity — the end can be happy or sad, scary or silly, realistic or magical! 
If you would like to send us your story ending, have a parent or guardian email it to us. Parents, if you have little ones that can't write but want to finish the story, feel free to write it down for them! :)

The Chipmunk and The Bear

Long ago when animals could talk, a bear was walking along. Now it has always been said that bears think very highly of themselves. Since they are big and strong, they are certain that they are the most important of the animals.

As this bear went along turning over big logs with his paws to look for food to eat, he felt very sure of himself. “There is nothing I cannot do,” said this bear.

“Is that so?” said a small voice. Bear looked down. There was a little chipmunk looking up at Bear from its hole in the ground.

“Yes,” Bear said, “that is true indeed.” He reached out one huge paw and rolled over a big log. “Look at how easily I can do this. I am the strongest of all the animals. I can do anything. All the other animals fear me.”

“Can you stop the sun from rising in the morning?” said Chipmunk.

Bear thought for a moment. “I have never tried that,” he said. “Yes, I am sure I could stop the sun from rising.”

“You are sure?” said Chipmunk.

“I am sure,” said Bear. “Tomorrow morning the sun will not rise. I, Bear, have said so.” Bear sat down facing the east to wait.

Behind him the sun set for the night and still he sat there. The chipmunk went into its hole and curled up in its snug little nest, chuckling about how foolish Bear was. All through the night Bear sat. Finally the first birds started their songs and the East glowed with the light that comes before the sun.

“The sun will not rise today,” said Bear. He stared hard at the glowing light. “The sun will not rise today.”

The light in the East grew brighter and brighter. Just as the sun was about to come up, Chipmunk said...

What did Chipmunk say? Does Bear stop the sun from rising? Now it is your turn to finish the story! Remember, the end can be happy or sad, scary or silly, realistic or magical!



Post originally published March 18, 2020 by Katie Simpson