Gear List: Adventure Travel

Traveling abroad or far from home can be a daunting task to plan for. From passports and visas to flights and travel insurance, there are so many factors to plan out ahead of time. Our standard travel checklist below will help you get started planning your adventure!

Pre-Trip Planning

First Steps to Take
□ Select your travel dates, destinations, guide company and other trip details such as flights and hotel arrangements
□ Arrange for any necessary visas
□ Make sure you have a current Passport for international travel
□ Find out about vaccination requirements and visit a travel clinic
□ Find out about any COVID visit restrictions at your destination
□ Purchase trip cancellation insurance (optional)

Before You Leave
□ Make a photo copy of your passport and give to fellow traveler
□ Leave a copy of itinerary with friends or family
□ Assemble and check all of your gear
□ Clean and waterproof your boots & shoes
□ Notify authorities of your absence, if for extended length of time
□ Make reservations for special events or sites during the trip

Packing List

In addition to the items below, make sure to check with your travel company for their trip-specific gear lists and recommendations.

Trip Essentials
□ Passport
□ Driver's license or other photo ID
□ Prescriptions and health insurance documentation
□ Transportation tickets and/or confirmations
□ Currency, travelers checks and/or credit/debit cards
□ Guide books and maps
□ Leave your unneeded valuables behind

Personal Hygiene
□ Personal medical supplies – prescriptions, inhaler, antibiotics, etc.
□ Pain reliever and cold medicine
□ Medicine for upset stomach/diarrhea
□ Malaria pills and/or altitude medications – if required
□ Antibacterial gel
□ Sunscreen
□ Sunburn relief medication
□ Insect repellant
□ Lip balm – with SPF
□ Bathroom supplies – toilet paper, feminine hygiene products
□ Toothbrush & toothpaste
□ Soap, Shampoo
□ Hair brush/comb
□ Travel towel & wash cloth
□ TSA approved toiletries if flying (optional)
□ Mirror (optional)
□ Moist wipes (optional)
□ Travel detergent for hand washing garments
□ Binoculars (optional)

Luggage + Travel Gear
□ RFID passport, money, & card carrier – one that hides away for security
□ Watch with alarm
□ Travel adapters- make sure to check which outlet style is used at your destination
□ Travel luggage, travel backpack, wheeled case, wheeled duffel, etc.
□ Day pack and/or fanny pack
□ Stuff sacks/waterproof bags to organize and protect gear
□ Luggage tags on all packs, cases, pouches, etc.
□ TSA travel locks for all cases, packs, etc.
□ Water filtration/purification system – depending on destination and water supply
□ BPA-free water bottle(s)
□ Camera with extra batteries and memory cards
□ Battery charger for all media (optional)
□ Small flashlight or head lamp – and spare bulb/batteries
□ Pocket knife/Multi-tool – do not pack in carry-on case
□ Compass
□ Binoculars (optional)
□ Altimeter (optional)
□ Headphones (optional)
□ Sewing Kit
□ Zip-lock® Bags
□ Duct tape – small amount for repairs
□ Mesh laundry bag (optional)
□ Travel clothesline and clips
□ Book/magazines
□ Travel journal & pen
□ Playing cards
□ Sleep aids – neck pillow, eye shade, ear plugs (optional)
□ Elastic bandage (optional)

□ Travel footwear – comfortable shoes, sandals, water shoes and/or boots, as required
□ Raingear – waterproof, breathable jacket and pants
□ Brimmed hat
□ Bandana(s)
□ Sweater or fleece top
□ Lightweight, long sleeved shirts that hand wash nicely
□ Convertible, lightweight pants that hand wash nicely
□ Wicking t-shirts that hand wash nicely
□ Synthetic undergarments that hand wash and dry easily
□ Shorts and/or casual skirts/dresses (optional)
□ Sleepwear
□ Bathing suit
□ Merino wool socks
□ Stocking cap, ear band and gloves – for high elevations or colder climates
□ Belt (optional)
□ Eyewear – sunglasses, prescription glasses, contact lenses and supplies
□ Glasses band (optional)