Getting Ready for Your Next Adventure

No one wants to get an hour down the trail before realizing they’re missing that crucial piece of gear. Check out our various packing checklists and guides to make sure you’re ready for whatever the outdoors might throw your way.

Every Trip Requires Planning

Make sure not to leave your outdoor trip prep to the last minute. We’ve put together a number of handy gear lists and packing lists to get your started on planning your next trip.

It’s important to remember that every adventure is different. It is critical that you adapt our suggested lists to suit your particular destination, trip duration, and the weather where you will be. Never take less than is needed to be safe given your experience level with the route, the weather, your gear, and your travel companions. Happy planning!

Which Gear Should I Buy?

Choosing the right gear can be hard, and, with so many options available, research can become overwhelming. Get started here and save yourself some time. We have a number of posts about categories of gear, to explain what features are available, which are good for what sorts of activities, and other options to think about. Hopefully, we will help to take some of the guesswork out of gear buying.

How Do I Take Care of My Gear?

You've probably spent more money than you'd like to admit acquiring your outdoor gear and apparel. So, you want to make sure you take proper care of it so it lasts a long time. Proper care, maintenance, and storage of your gear will greatly extend the life of your equipment and give you more bang for your buck. Check out our various gear care posts for tips and ideas to make sure your gear is well taken care of!