Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Free Shipping take?

Transit times depend on your location. Delivery will typically take 2-7 business days if you're within the continental US.

Do you ship internationally?

No, sorry. We are unable to ship standard orders outside the U.S. at this time.

Why isn't my credit card working?

If you're receiving an error message citing AVS Mismatch, please check your billing zip code to confirm it is accurate. Our platform requires a billing zip code within the US. If you are still having issues, please contact our customer service team or your credit card provider.

 Do you take Visa* Gift Cards?

We cannot accept credit card Gift Cards through the credit card check-out portal, as our platform will require a valid billing address. You may consider adding any Gift Card balances to your PayPal Buyer account and utilize PayPal at check-out instead.


Why did I not receive tracking information?

Often times our automated e-mail notifications are not recognized by your e-mail provider and are sorted into Spam. Please take a look in your Spam or Junk folder, or use the search tool under All Mail.

What do I do if my package is missing or delayed?

Please contact our customer service as soon as you notice this issue. We will try to assist in investigating the missing parcel. However, once a package has left our warehouse, you will often have to contact the shipping service directly for issues with delivery.

I'm doing my Holiday shopping early. Can I make a return if it doesn't work but is beyond the 30-day return window?

Holidays can be a hectic time- we get it! We have an extended return policy for purchased made in November and December. Please contact us if you wish to return a holiday purchase past the standard 30 day return window. We accept returns in new condition with original manufacturer tags.

My payment method expired. Can I still get my refund?

Please let us know at your earliest convenience if you're concerned about receiving your refund. There are a few alternative refund options we can offer when processing your return.

Will you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Yes, we are proud to ship to APO and FPO addresses, to the military and civilian forces serving our country at home and abroad. We will email you a USPS tracking number after your shipment is sent.

Still need help?

Visit our Contact Us page and our excellent customer service team will assist you!