Gear List for Adventure Travel

Pre-Trip Planning

The First Things to Do

□ Select your travel dates, destinations, guide company and other trip details
□ Arrange for any necessary visas
□ Make sure you have a current Passport for international travel
□ Find out about vaccination requirements and visit a travel clinic
□ Purchase trip cancellation insurance (optional)

Before You Leave on Your Adventure Travels

□ Make a photo copy of your passport and give to fellow travelers
□ Leave a copy of itinerary with friends or family
□ Assemble and check all of your gear
□ Clean and waterproof your boots & shoes
□ Notify authorities of your absence, if for an extended length of time
□ Make reservations for special events or sites during the trip

What to Pack

(Please also check with your travel company for their trip-specific gear lists)

Trip Essentials

□ Passport
□ Driver's license or other photo ID
□ prescriptions(including eyewear) and health insurance documentation
□ Transportation tickets and/or confirmations
□ Currency, travelers checks and/or credit/debit cards
□ Guidebooks and maps
□ Positive attitude
□ Leave your valuables behind!

Luggage & Travel Gear

□  RFID passport, money, & card carrier – one that hides away for security
□  Watch with alarm
□  Travel adapters- make sure to check which outlet style is used at your destination
□  Travel luggage, travel backpack, wheeled case, wheeled duffel, etc.
□  Day pack and/or fanny pack
□  Stuff sacks/waterproof bags to organize and protect gear
□  Luggage tags on all packs, cases, pouches, etc.
□  TSA travel locks for all cases, packs, etc.
□  Water filtration/purification system – depending on destination and water supply
□  BPA-free water bottle(s) 
□  Camera with extra batteries and memory cards
□  Battery charger for all media (optional) 
□  Small flashlight or head lamp – and spare bulb/batteries 
□  Pocket knife/Multi-tool – do not pack in carry-on case 
□  Compass
□  Binoculars (optional) 
□  Altimeter (optional) 
□  Headphones (optional)
□  Sewing Kit
□  Zip-lock® Bags
□  Duct tape – small amount for repairs
□  Mesh laundry bag (optional)
□  Travel clothesline and clips
□  Book/magazines
□  Travel journal & pen
□  Playing cards
□  Sleep aids – neck pillow, eye shade, ear plugs (optional)
□  Elastic bandage (optional)



□ Travel footwear – comfortable shoes, sandals, water shoes and/or boots, as required
□ Raingear – waterproof, breathable jacket and pants
□ Brimmed hat
□ Bandana(s)
□ Sweater or fleece top
□ Lightweight, long-sleeved shirts that hand wash nicely
□ Convertible, lightweight pants that hand wash nicely
□ Wicking t-shirts that hand wash nicely
□ Synthetic briefs/boxers/panties that hand wash and dry easily
□ Shorts and/or casual skirts/dresses (optional)
□ Sleepwear
□ Bathing suit
□ Comfortable socks – moisture wicking is best, like merino wool or synthetics
□ Stocking cap, ear band and gloves – for high elevations or colder climates
□ Belt (optional)
□ Eyewear – sunglasses, prescription glasses, contact lenses and supplies
□ Glasses band (optional)

Personal Hygiene

□ Personal medical supplies – prescriptions, inhaler, antibiotics, etc.
□ Pain reliever and cold medicine
□ Medicine for upset stomach/diarrhea
□ Malaria pills and/or altitude medications – if required
□ Antibacterial gel
□ Sun screen
□ Sunburn relief medication
□ Insect repellant
□ Lip balm – with SPF
□ Bathroom supplies – toilet paper, feminine hygiene products
□ Toothbrush & toothpaste
□ Soap, Shampoo
□ Hair brush/comb
□ Travel towel & wash cloth
□ Small bottles/travel kit to hold toiletries (optional)
□ Mirror (optional)
□ Moist wipes (optional)
□ Travel detergent for hand washing garments
□ Binoculars (optional)