Welcome to RuggedOutdoors. We’re glad you’re here.

We are a third generation, forward-thinking outdoor retailer located in the heartland.
We know you’re a regular person, living a hectic life. So, everything we do is aimed at making it easy for you to enjoy a casual outdoor lifestyle. Starting with making sure you feel happy and confident shopping here.

Why shop with us, you ask? Plenty of reasons.

RuggedOutdoors is Small AND Mighty

Great things come in small packages. In our family business, we’ve considered being nimble and innovative, despite our size, to be our superpower since 1947.

Our roots are the best of small business: individualized service, quality merchandise, expertise, and close-knit employees with community mindedness. Our capabilities are mighty: sophisticated systems, fast shipping and great prices.

RuggedOutdoors is Locally Owned, Nationally Appreciated.

Shop local from anywhere. What began as a small brick-and-mortar shop in a unique college town has evolved and modernized into a nationally loved online outfitter of gear, footwear, and apparel.

We may not be local to you specifically, but you'll be supporting a local midwestern business with a storied history when you shop with us.

RuggedOutdoors has been Friendly and Authentic Since 1947.

We keep it real with you. No pressure. No condescension.
And, no jargon if you are new to the outdoors. You can count on us to always be patient, straight forward and responsive.

We are more than just an eCommerce site and what we sell. We are real people, sitting stateside, who work hard because we’re passionate about what we do and helping get people outdoors.

RuggedOutdoors has a Team of Rock Stars

You’re more to us than an order number. When you shop with us, you become part of our RO family. We truly enjoy helping you, and hearing from you.

Everyone here cares, and has the go-getter mentality to back it up. Each person on our Customer Service team started out working on our sales floor and has been here for years — so they really know their stuff. If you do manage to stump them, they'll be honest about it, find out and get right back to you. Our warehouse fulfillment team takes pride in being accurate and fast. Our retail associates are deeply invested in our local customers and community.

RuggedOutdoors Sells Items with Functionality and Value.

From our backyard to yours, we want your purchase to put a smile on your face. We sell useful, functional, quality items you need. (Or, sometimes, have just been pining for!) Things to simplify and benefit your daily life and adventures, and items that make you happy and maybe better your day just a bit.

While we're at it, we work hard to find and offer you fair prices and deals that are easy on your wallet. 

At RuggedOutdoors, Playing is Our Jam.

We’re Flatlanders at heart, fun adventurers by nature. We're happiest outside, but cheerful wherever we are. We love our planet and want all to be able to enjoy her. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and think laughter is a powerful force for good. Even ‘dad jokes.’

We love solving puzzles. Literally and figuratively. We don’t shy away from a challenge. We are curious and creative. We’re proud data geeks. Some of us have some pretty quirky hobbies. Plus, we’re midwesterners, so we have been known to say roof like ‘ruf’ and some of us even say pop instead of soda. But, no, we never say ‘youbetcha’!

Meet Our Team


+ Chief Outdoor Enthusiast
Company owner since 2010


+ Chief Creative Officer
Company owner since 2010


Director of
Business Development
Employee since 1994


Director of Operations + Human Capital
Employee since 2011


Director of Retail Sales
Employee since 2019


Warehouse Supervisor
Employee since 2018


Retail General Manager
Employee since 2019


Internet Data Lead + Customer Service
Employee since 2009


Warehouse Shift Supervisor
Employee since 2018


Sales Support Associate
Employee since 2019


Retail Sales Lead
Employee since 2018


Internet Customer Service Lead
Employee since 2015


Internet Customer Service Specialist
Employee since 2013


Shipping Associate
Employee since 2012


Picking/Packing Associate
Employee since 2019


Internet Data Associate
Employee since 2018


Barker in Chief
Employee since 2020