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Welcome to the Rugged Resource Lab

We want to make sure everyone can get the most out of each and every adventure, whatever it may be. Here you can find helpful information on anything you need to know before embarking on your next adventure. Need to find the perfect tent to suit your needs? We’ve got a guide. Wondering how to take the best care of your gear to keep it going, adventure after adventure? We can help. So start exploring!

Getting Ready for Your Next Adventure

No one wants to get an hour down the trail before realizing they’re missing that crucial piece of gear, so check out these guides and make sure you’re ready for whatever the outdoors might throw your way.

What should I take with me?
Every Trip Requires Planning.

We’ve put together these handy gear lists and packing lists to get your started on planning your next trip. But, it’s important to remember that every adventure is different and it’s critical that you adapt these lists to suit your particular destination, trip duration, and the weather where you will be. Never take less with you than is needed to be safe given your experience level with the route, the weather, your gear, and your travel companions. Happy planning!

Packing Checklists
Adventure Travel Gear List
Adventure Travel
Leaving the country? Preparing can be stressful, so we’ve rounded up some out-of-country travel essentials.
Backcountry Backpacking Gear List
Backcountry Backpacking
You definitely don’t want to get caught without all of the necessities in the backcountry, so we’ve put together this handy guide on what to pack when backcountry backpacking.
Flatwater Canoe/Kayak Trip Gear List
Flatwater Canoe/Kayak Trip
Get ready for some incredible adventures on the water. Keep your gear safe in case of capsizing, be prepared for portages.
Winter Camping Gear List
Winter Camping
Prepare for some beautiful scenes out in the snow and some cold nights. Make sure you have everything you need in some of the most extreme weather.
Which gear should I buy?

Choosing the right gear can be hard and, with so many options available, research can become overwhelming very quickly. Get started here and save yourself some time. We’ll explain what different features are good for what sorts of activities to take some of the guesswork out of gear buying.

Finding the Perfect Tent Buying guide
Finding the Perfect Tent
How many people can it sleep? How much will it weigh in my pack? Does fabric matter? We answer all of your tent-related questions.
Choosing the Right Sleeping Bag Buying Guide
Choosing the Right Sleeping Bag
How does shape matter? What temperature rating do I need? We've got some nifty charts to get you exactly what you need.
How can I take care of my gear?

You've probably spent more money than you'd like to admit acquiring your outdoor gear and apparel.The proper care, maintenance, and storage of your gear will greatly extend the life of your equipment and give you more bang for your buck. Check out our guides below to make sure all of your gear is well taken care of!

Gear Cleaning
Gear Cleaning
Cleaning your gear is obviously essential to keeping it in top shape, but not all materials are the same. Check out cleaning guide to make sure you're taking proper care of your gear.
Gear Storage and Care
Gear Storage and Care
When you put your gear away for the season you want to make sure it will be in the same condition next year. Follow these tips to keep everything in good shape.
Zipper Tips
Zipper Tips
Everything you need to know about zippers, from the different parts, to how to fix common problems.

How can I do my part?

As stewards of this planet we pledge to:
  • Encourage volunteerism
  • Actively participate in the conservation of nature
  • Increase knowledge and participation in outdoor recreation
  • Teach and practice responsible use of our planet and its resources
  • Provide a positive and encouraging work environment for our employees and affiliates

Conservation Organizations

Part of Rugged Outdoors’ ongoing commitment to our customers, and our planet, is education and knowledge. Below are a number of links to wonderful organizations that are committed to supporting the environment.

Conservation International
Environmental Defense Fund
Leave No Trace
National Park Foundation
Natural Resources Defense Council 
Sierra Club
Society for Conservation Biology
Student Conservation Association (SCA)
The Nature Conservancy
Conservation Alliance