RuggedOutdoors Pricing

Product Strike-Through Pricing and Savings Information

Products offered for purchase on RuggedOutdoors may display a MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) List Price, a Was Price, or other strike-through pricing and savings information. Additional information on our pricing practices is detailed below:

The “MSRP” or Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is the list price of a product as provided by a manufacturer or supplier.

  • Generally on our site, a price shown in black where there is no other pricing displayed is the MSRP / List price.
  • The MSRP for an item can be changed by a manufacturer over time, so sometimes the MSRP price indicates the MSRP at the time we purchased an item, not the MSRP if we had purchased it more recently.
  • When we buy closeout items, it's possible that we have never offered the product at the MSRP price, but other retailers did at this regular price set by the manufacturer, before the products were closed out. Again, it's a helpful comparison for you, but not an item that we sold at the higher price now reduced to the “Sale” price.
  • For in-house RuggedOutdoors brand items, we arrive at the “MSRP” price by assessing the features of our model with similar products generally available for sale.
  • The MSRP may not necessarily reflect the prevailing market price of a product offered on online marketplaces or elsewhere.

The “WAS” Price, the strike-through price, is usually the MSRP/List price that had been offered when the item was not on sale.

The “NOW” Price is the sale price being offered, and will be one of the following:

  • A special promotional discount that a manufacturer has offered us, that we pass along to our customers.
  • A product we are overstocked on, so we reduce the price to generate interest and sales and reduce the amount we are storing on our warehouse shelves.
  • A popular item that we may offer at a lower price to give customers a reason to visit us and shop for that and other items they may need at the same time.
  • For our in-house products, the “Sale” price is simply a price point we’ve arrived at, for promotions or otherwise, that allows us to offer value to our customers.

You may see additional pricing and savings information displayed, such as a you save this dollar value or a percentage-off listing.